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1. BSL Security Services

BSL Security Services was founded in Surrey, BC in 2003 and has been providing high level security guard services every since. BSL Security Services focuses on providing professional, trained and dedicated security guards. We pride ourselves in providing security guards that are quick on their feet, make sound decision and maintain control, especially in high pressure situations, while ensuring the safety of everyone in proximity. At BSL Security Services, we assess every security job separately to ensure we have the specific skills needed to complete each job successfully and with full confidence. We specialize in providing unarmed security protection, using non-violent techniques to de-escalate any situation. • Guard Services • Mobile Patrol • Alarm Response • Special Events • Fire Watch • Patient Watch • Access Control • Parking • Commercial Security • Property Management • Residential Security and more!!

Address: 12877 76 Ave #210, Surrey, BC V3W 1E6, Canada
Website: https://bslsecurityservices.com
Phone: +1 604-507-8915

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